My Cup’in Menstrual Cup With Cleansing Cup
Size 1 (Medium Flow)


35 in stock (can be backordered)

(6 customer reviews)


FREE Shipping when buying 1 x My Cup’in Menstrual Cup.

Switch to My Cup’in: cost-effective, 8-hour protection & leak-free.

Read the description below to discover My Cup’in menstrual cup range & its cleansing cup.

35 in stock (can be backordered)

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Benefit from FREE Shipping when buying 1 x My Cup’in Menstrual Cup delivered at your doorstep!

ALL in ONE solution:

  • Eco-friendly: 1 Cup’in = 1,500 tampons
  • Chemical-free: Free from Latex, dyes, rubber, plastics or BPA
  • 100% medical grade silicone: No irritation & dryness
  • Cost effective – Save more than R2,000: 1 Cup’in = 5 years of use
  • Worry-free: Up to 8-hour protection or more (light flow)
  • Leak-free: Suitable for any sports activities
  • Cleansing cup included in the box for ease of transport, cleaning & storage!

Choose the size that meets your need:

  • Size 1: Medium flow &/or you haven’t given birth naturally
  • Size 2: Heavy flow &/or you have given birth naturally

3 easy steps to master My Cup’in Menstrual Cup in no time:

    1. Fold
    2. Insert
    3. Remove & Empty

Still unsure? Watch the step by step video: YouTube Novexpharma How to Insert My Cup in menstrual cup

Or visit 

Time for a New Period!


Novexpharma CARES 

Novexpharma is proud to support ESI Health, a South African non-profit organisation in its fight to eliminate period poverty in South Africa.

As a result, for each My Cup’in bought, R10 are automatically donated to ESI Health to sponsor a South African learner .

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6 reviews for My Cup’in Menstrual Cup With Cleansing Cup
Size 1 (Medium Flow)

  1. Charlotte

    This product has completely changed the way I am living with my periods!
    The biggest advantages for me are:
    1. I only have to change it once a day
    2. it is environmental friendly
    3. and it saves me so much money each month!
    I recommend this product to every woman who wants to live normally during their periods.
    Love the accordion cup as well. Nice add on to clean and store the cup.

  2. Alex

    I am a new user of My Cup’In. A few Months.
    At the beginning it did require a little learning on how to insert it , place it properly and remove it, so practice was key to me.
    My flow is pretty inconsistent which usually makes things a little difficult to predict, ie how many tampons do I need to carry with me. My Cup’In has solved this problem for me.
    I also like the cleansing cup because it allows me to carry the Cup with me when I suspect my period coming during the day and I like that it is retractable to fit in my handbag.

  3. Emeline

    I never thought I would switch to a menstrual cup. At first the idea of putting a cup inside and removing it only every 8 hours scared me. Thanks to a friend and some research I decided to try and I would never go back to tampons.

    The main advantage for me is to empty it only every 8 hours, I can continue with my day without thinking about it. I also discovered that even if the cup is full it won’t leak.

  4. Natalie

    Caring about the environment, this reusable cup is perfectly  in line with my way of living.

    I also like the fact that it is made of 100% medical grade silicone as it doesn’t cause irritation and it is safe to keep inside for hours. 

  5. Veronica

    I can’t believe I’ve only started to use this now! I am in love with this cup, it’s so comfortable I don’t even know when I have it in, plus the added benefit of no more dryness. I am an absolute fan of our earth, this is the best possible way to be kind to her at that time of the month. It saves me a ton of money each month. I want every woman to use the My Cup’in instead of the conventional methods. Thanks for changing my life!

  6. Tamarin Powell

    Great. Very happy customer. Delivery was fast and service friendly.

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