Exacto Vaginal Infection
Rapid Self-Test


20 in stock (can be backordered)

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1 x single use test / box

Suspecting a vaginal infection but can’t afford to see a doctor?

Whether it has just started or is recurring, you should not wait for it to get better as it could lead to complications.

Try Exacto vaginal infection rapid self-test to detect immediately the type of infection you have.


20 in stock (can be backordered)


Try Exacto vaginal infection rapid Self-Test to Be Exacto Sure! 

Rapid self-test (to do in the comfort of your home) that detects the type of vaginal infection you’ve got:
bacterial or yeast infection.

No more embarrassment, tell your pharmacist about the results to get the best treatment in no time!

CONVENIENT: Follow the 3 simple steps to give you immediate results to Be Exacto Sure: Faster, Cheaper!

RELIABLE: +90% accurate (Made in France)


  • When suspecting a pH imbalance e.g. vaginal infection
  • In case of discomfort e.g. burning /itchiness/abnormal discharge.
  • After treatment with antibiotics.
  • During pregnancy
  • After sexual intercourse with a new partner.
  • Before and after obstetric surgery.



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4 reviews for Exacto Vaginal Infection
Rapid Self-Test

  1. Deidre

    Very easy to use. Went to my pharmacist who managed to give me the best treatment for what I had. My infection was gone in few days!
    Will keep one in my cabinet at all time to be honest as it is so handy to be able to check an imbalance.

  2. Lina

    Amazing product! Easy to buy and easy to use.Quick results .Felt results after first application.Good to keep it handy at home just for prevention tool .

  3. Charlotte

    My gynae recommended me to use the Exacto test before my appointment, which I did. The results helped him to give me the appropriate treatment while I was waiting for the lab test (which took 7 days!).

    By the time I got the lab results, my infection was gone thanks to the treatment he gave me. I am so glad he asked me to do the test!

  4. Melanie

    Delivered to my door in 24h! Love the product, does its job.

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